Hello! I’m happy to introduce myself. I am a returning student, working toward my BA in Humanities, with concentrations in Fine Art, History and Women’s Studies. My intention is to continue on to a Masters in Library Information Science.   I grew up in and around the Portland area in Oregon and previously attended Portland State University as a fine arts major. I’ve been living in Washington for 8 years, currently in Gig Harbor with my fifteen-year-old son and two house-bunnies, Oliver and Timmy. I have been working in the salon industry for 17 years. Currently I am the lead esthetician/nail tech at a salon in Gig Harbor, a position I’ve held for just over 6 years. I love working directly with people, engaging with them on a personal level, and helping them feel better.

If I happen to find a few free minutes here and there, I like to spend them lazing around and drinking coffee with a good book in hand. Wait, I’m supposed to say I like to hike – which I do! And I take my son out exploring as often as possible in the beautiful Puget Sound. I also enjoy knitting, writing, listening to pod casts and watching the little birds at the bird feeder. Once a month I help to cook a free meal for anyone in our community who needs it at the local Methodist Church, where I am not a member, but a volunteer. This Open Table has been a great learning experience and is a fun way to contribute to the community. My son often comes with me to help serve the food at dinner time. Currently, I am teaching my son to drive. It gives me a good opportunity to practice being zen and some breathing exercises I’ve learned practicing kundalini yoga.

In general, I’m a happy, outgoing, nerdy sort. I think we’ve all been given a tremendous gift, being on this earth with all of it’s beauty and trauma and adventure. I try to keep a positive outlook and use every experience to learn more about our existence. This quote by Cheryl Strayed is a good place to conclude:

cheryl strayed quote